The apartment building set to rise at 200 Amsterdam Avenue, the former site of Lincoln Square Synagogue between 69th and 70th streets, will be 51 stories, according to a story in the Observer.

The developer had initially planned to build 55 stories, and it’s not clear why the tower is now a bit shorter.

“The new ownership is constructing a 51-story, 112-unit luxury residential condominium tower at the site, a spokeswoman for SJP confirmed, but would not comment further.”

Developer SJP Properties just received a $160 million mortgage loan for the property (which is also known as 208 Amsterdam Avenue). SJP bought the property for $275 million in 2015 from American Continental Properties, which had made a land swap deal with the synagogue. Lincoln Square’s new synagogue is just down the block from its former home.

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    1. John says:

      With what they paid and the new loan they already have 3 million invested in each unit.
      Will be Foreign buyers for sure. Wonder if they are getting a tax abetment?

    2. maryjane says:

      Finally!!!! Common sense prevails

    3. UWS-er says:

      That’s a pretty small site for such a tall building…..will there be affordable apts. and if so where will they place the poor door?

    4. Shamir says:

      I hope they tear down this building already and start construction.

      This abandoned synagogue has been an eyesore for years and a shiny new tower will be great for the neighborhood.

    5. Raquel says:

      Ugh, great, more congestion on 72nd street – between Trader Joe, the condo on 72nd and the Bloomies Outlet I can barely walk down the street.

    6. Bob says:

      get over yourself, Raquel.

      not a big fan over the tower though.

    7. James Berry says:

      It is too tall for our neighborhood; the congestion as already too much and the 66th Street station will be overcrowded and dangerous.

    8. John says:

      The people in this building do not ride the subway so don’t worry about that.

    9. Jane says:

      Just a few thousand extra people to share the paltry amount of grocery stores with. Awesome.

    10. concerned parent says:

      I hope they are going to build a school with the building because this is going to overcrowd PS 199 even more!!!

    11. Gretchen says:

      They should tear down the new synagogue while they’re at it and start over. It looks like a prison designed by Antoni Gaudi on a low budget.

    12. ls says:

      Not to mention the ton of trash bags on the sidewalk when the building garbage is put out for pick up….

      Folks will need to wait on line just to walk on the sidewalk….

    13. denton says:

      112 apartments does not equate to ‘thousands’ of people. Probably a couple of hundred at most.

    14. Siddhartha says:

      I agree new development is needed, but a “shiny new tower?” Please, I hope not. Use some imagination. Not everything has to be encased in glass.

    15. Steve says:

      I hope you are right. Everyone said that the people moving into the Trump development on Riverside Blvd would never send their kids to public school. There sure are a lot of them at PS 199 and in the middle schools it feeds.

    16. anon says:

      @Jane, there are only 112-ish apartments planned for this building. Assume 25% foreign buyers who are rarely even in the country and I think you’ll be fighting a maximum of about 75-150 extra adults for the overpriced produce at Fairway (and if they can afford these apartments they’re not at the grocery store a lot). If that’s too much, I suggest the wonder I’ve discovered that is Fresh Direct – no going to the store!!

    17. Paul RL says:

      I used to look aghast at this building, but over the years I’ve grown to appreciate it as an interesting example of 1960’s architecture. I haven’t seen anything quite like it anywhere else in the city. While I’m in favor of this development, I wish there was more of an effort to preserve some of the unique relics in our midst.

    18. JPK says:

      LOL. It really is hideous.

    19. Alan says:

      #4 Shamir,
      You just made an anti-semitic sentiment, get over it or go back where you come from.

    20. Cato says:

      #19 Alan — Why is stating that the “abandoned synagogue has been an eyesore for years” is an “anti-[S]emitic sentiment”? It’s a comment on the appearance of the building, not a reflection on the people who used it, their heritage or their religious practices.

      I would shudder to think that we have reached a state of such hypersensitivity that every building used as a synagogue is immune from criticism for its architecture. Do you think it impossible that a synagogue can be imperfect in any way?

      And, regardless: This is a forum for the posting of personal opinions, whatever they may be. We don’t tell each other to “go back where you come from”, even if we hold opinions different from theirs. OK?

    21. Questioner says:

      #19 Alan, I’m wondering the same thing as #20 Cato. Why is that anti-Semitic? Legitimate question.

      Also, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. “Go back where you come from” sounds much more “anti” than someone’s architectural opinion.

    22. UWSEd says:

      Now THAT’S funny, Gretchen!

    23. lynn says:

      Some of us here may be a little more familiar with Shamir than others. While I don’t believe that specific comment was anti Semitic, this person has repeatedly and in a hostile manner told seniors and disabled seniors in this forum that they don’t deserve housing assistance, and to get out of this neighborhood, and that he doesn’t give a damn about their needs while he and families like his are struggling. More to the point that we should go live in the Bronx or Queens. I’m sure he’s getting a kick out of people coming to his defense here for some imagined slight directed toward him.

    24. No patience says:

      Raquel you are so right. Can’t walk down the street anymore…hopefully Bloomie’s will not’s a low-end mess. And TraderJo’s -they get so many complaints -they don’t know what to do. We suggested moving to larger space but they have a long lease. And so…we are crowded out into the street. It’s odd..whenever something comes to the UWS- it turns to garbage immediately. unlike the village or UES –take for example -the new OFF FIFTH (SAKS)-same genre as Bloomies-yet somehow on E57th street-its clean and elegant and NOT low-end….and here on the UWS the beat just goes on and on…..

    25. Sam says:

      Just another too-talk building for overseas investors that blocks the rest of us from getting any sunlight. Stock up on your vitamin D folks.

    26. ScooterStan says:

      Re: “25’s “building for overseas investors that blocks the rest of us from getting any sunlight.”

      Sheesh!! PLENTY of sunlight available in Central Park, Riverside Park (nice rvr vw also), and EVEN in Verdi Square (if you don’t mind the allegedly bed-buggy wooden benches)!

    27. No patience says:

      Shamir……some of us appreciate the architecture of the bldg. Another shiny new tower is what we DONT need. Perhaps you haven’t been here long enough to see the need for air and light. Also preservation.