Has Jerry Stiller ever actually made this face? Probably not.

Today we tip our hat to dads everywhere. We would list them all, but that would take too long and we have a brunch to attend.

In the interest of brevity, here’s a list of some of the most famous fathers to have lived on the Upper West Side, mostly courtesy of Landmark West.

Babe Ruth: The Babe lived at the Ansonia Hotel and adopted two daughters.

Duke Ellington: The great jazz musician lived on West 106th Street and Riverside Drive and had a son, who was also a musician.

John Lennon: The famous Beatle had two sons and lived at the Dakota on 72nd Street.

Tony Randall: The actor raised two children at the Beresford on West 81st Street and Central Park West.

Leonard Bernstein: The Maestro lived in the Dakota and had two daughters.

Robert Moses: The master builder briefly lived on West 71st Street, and had two daughters.

Jerry Stiller: The actor wasn’t just George Costanza’s father on Seinfeld; he also raised Ben Stiller in an apartment at the Beresford at 118 Riverside Drive.

If you’re looking for a very funny, profane (and outdated) take on fatherhood, check out Chris Rock’s “Real Daddies” routine.

Image of Jerry Stiller painting by Catsills Grrl.

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    1. margaret says:

      correction: Jerry Stiller raised Ben Stiller at 118 Riverside Drive; if you want some other Beresford Dads, try John McEnroe and Zero Mostel!

    2. Dee says:

      Doesn’t (didn’t?) Bono (and kids) live on CPW? I swear I saw him (sans sunglasses) with a couple of 10-year-olds a few years ago….

    3. Nancy says:

      I’m pretty sure Jerry Seinfeld is also a Beresford Dad.

    4. sara says:

      it looks like 70th? not 71 st for Robert Moses

      9/Robert Moses and Jerome Kern
      261 West 70th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue.

      Robert Moses—New York’s most powerful unelected government official ever—lived in this four-story white brick building in the late 1920s with his wife, Mary, and two young daughters. This was his Manhattan residence—he spent much of his time at his second home in Babylon, New York, on Long Island. While Moses lived here on 70th Street, he was beginning to consolidate his power in city and state government. As president of the Long Island State Park Commission (appointed by his friend, Governor Al Smith), Moses planned and began construction of the string of state parks on Long Island that made him so popular with the citizens of the region. In 1930, after the death of his mother, Moses and his family moved to a large apartment at 7 Gracie Square on the Upper East Side.
      Across the street from number 261 is Public School Number 199 and just to the east where the playground of the school stands, songwriter Jerome Kern lived in an apartment with his wife, Eva (the address was 226 West 70th Street). They occupied it from 1914 until 1916, then moved to Bronxville, an hour north of Manhattan. While Kern lived on this block, he composed his first hit musical The Girl from Utah which included one of his greatest songs, “They Didn’t Believe Me.” The tune soon became the biggest musical hit in the country and eventually sold two million copies of sheet music. http://www.plumden.com/disc.htm